Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App App Reviews

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Nothing for free :(

Didnt see anything that said you cant do ANYTHING without paying for it. Deleted app.

On the fence

Would like to be able to filter based on music type. App seems to have some bugs but overall has pushed me to run further and longer! Still on the fence about whether to continue after the free trial.


I have worked out (crosscut-half-marathons- triathlons) for years... I now have a baby and struggled finding motivation without a race or event to work towards--- this app is amazing and so motivation, challenging and inspiring!!!!

Great content bad technology

I really liked the work out but the app crashes in the middle of the workout which is a huge problem

Requires registration

Cant try it for free without having to log in with a Facebook account or register with an email. Plenty of other exercise apps out there that let you try their stuff without having to sell your privacy first.

Great app

Honestly... Day 1... Decided to use the Marathon training app... Today Megan was the trainer... Great motivation, knowledge and the music was perfect tempo for the kickoff tempo run!


A little pricey but so far, worth it.

Excellent fitness app!

I love the workouts and the updates to the app. The trainers are fantastic, the workouts hard and effective, and the SkyFit team is super responsive to feedback.

Download Skyfit now!! You wont regret it

Finally got a second to try Skyfit and I am shouting from the rooftops about how great it is. Its like having tiny cycling instructors and yoga teachers and personal trainers and run coaches in your pocket, ready when you are, with kick-butt workouts. No longer do I have to schedule around spin or yoga classes! Of course sometimes being around other people is invigorating but I just dont have time to work around other peoples schedules and this app is an answer to prayer! And they have programs to prepare you for running everything from a 5k to a marathon! AND a full year costs less than two sessions with a trainer (heck, less than one session with some trainers!). Im officially hooked!!

Love it

Love this app but I bought a year package and it never remembers that I bought the year package for the challenges.


I was very skeptical!! I mean great you give me a workout, and then want me to pay??? Well ive been proved wrong. I am not a bought review, im on vacation and decided lets give it a shot (i hate running) so i chose a treadmill workout. Something about hearing the trainer tell you exactly what to do and instruction along with the music pumped me up. I didnt want to let him or me down, great workout. Im renewing

Good if you like POP or Hip Hop

Very limited music and short (25 min or less) workout choices. Great concept. Cannot cancel from app, have to go to email they send to figure out how to cancel, perhaps a little deceptive.

Incredible fitness app

Well rounded application focused on providing a variety of coached indoor/outdoor runs, elliptical workouts, indoor cycling, yoga and now 5k-marathon training programs! They also just added strength workouts! Fun, engaging and frequently updated!


This app is life changing. saw it on an add on Facebook and decided to give it a try. The trainers are motivating and push you to your limits. With all the different levels, anyone can use it (and modify if needed). I find myself anxiously awaiting my workout and constantly checking the app to decide which workout Im going to do. Try it, you wont regret it!

Love it!

Super easy to use outside and at the gym! Love it!

Seriously, you need this

THIS APP IS LIFE CHANGING! Ive always hated working out: the gymtimidation, the amount of motivation it took to get myself to the gym (its literally attached to my apt), and the feeling of having no idea what to do once I actually got there. When I run I tend to 1) forget to breathe 2) hate picking music - one bad song and its all over for me 3) have a total inability to push myself OR I push myself too hard the first time then get hurt and never want to work or again. This app fixed ALL of these things."I cant wait to run today!" Said me NEVER - UNTIL this app. Now I have coaches in my ear telling me what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. They remind me to breathe, keep me motivated, control the music, and help me to build up my strength, stamina and speed the right way. Just having instruction gives me more confidence in the gym. I signed up for a 5k mud run/obstacle race thats 2.5months away and never thought Id be able to do it. But now, with the help of these coaches and the skyfit Facebook community (which is also great btw), I know I can. And Im excited about it!! Ive never been one to write reviews or share my opinions but I love this app so much I even told the random girl on the treadmill next to me (struggling with her own made up routine and flicking frustratedly through songs on her iPod) about it. This is the best app ever! Im only two days in and Ive only done the beginner treadmill workouts but I cant wait to try the other programs! Sign me up for life!

This app is awesome!

Ive been at this for 2 months now. Nothing has gotten me as motivated to work out as this app has in a very long time. Love the spin classes!

My favorite fitness app

Thanks to the Skyfit team so much. Ive used tons of fitness apps, and yours is the only one Ive stuck with.

Awesome! No distractions.

This concept is genius in my opinion. Put on your headphones, Pick a workout, and listen to the instructions. The coaches provide clear directions with motivating music in the background. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels available for a wide variety of workouts; both indoors and out. Great job!


Not sure how well this app works, but its $10 per month. Didnt see that in fine print, must have been written in white lettering. You can use the treadmill at PF for that amount, and set it to do things with out direction.

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