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Love this app so much!!

This app has literally changed how I view running. I love it so much. My overall running has improved so much because of Skyfit!!!!


A little pricey but so far, worth it.

Great app

Honestly... Day 1... Decided to use the Marathon training app... Today Megan was the trainer... Great motivation, knowledge and the music was perfect tempo for the kickoff tempo run!


I love skyfit. Just an awesome running app. I have never been into doing sprints but since skyfit sprints have become my favorite runs. Keep up the awesome work guys :)

This is not free

It was advertised as a free app which I was excited to try, however when you download it it says you get 7 days free and then youll automatically be charged $9.99 per month. What if I dont like it? Im sure they make it super easy to cancel if you dont like it after the 7 free days *eye roll*


As a former athlete Ive always loved working out. Also as a former athlete Im not really used to making up my own workouts. Weight workouts are my favorite because I feel like Im really doing something, plus I have a trainer yelling, he calls it coaching, so I know what I should be doing! Cardio and stretching is where my workouts were really lacking. Fortunately I found SkyFit, thru Instagram of all places! Its perfect! Exactly what I didnt know I was looking for! From the first workout I was obsessed! The music was great the instruction was clear! Now I use it every chance I get and have told all my equally workout obsessed friends to give it a try!

Good audio but needs GPS

This app definitely has some motivating audio, but it would be significantly improved if it had GPS functionality similar to map my run or Nike Fit.

Run 1

Please tell me if the app records my pace, distance. Etc, if not, it would have little value for me

Great coaching

Ive been looking for something like this. The coaching is phenomenal and continually motivate me to work harder. Worth every penny.


Really love this app. I bought the year membership. I ran much harder using it.

Treadmill workout

First treadmill work out this morning- absolutely the motivation to accomplish! Thank you!

Doesnt work

Was excited about this, but alas... When I tried it out, I repeatedly got an error

Deserve 5 if

The App deserve a 5 if they keep Jamie MacCfadin (sp) from LA. Each one of us relates to a trainer, and she is the only one that I love her workouts and I havent seen anything new forever for her. Im not being spoiled, Im new to exercising and when u like a new coach, u really want them to stay helping u

Amazing! Just what I needed!

This app is worth every penny. I used to hate my elliptical but now I love it again. My workouts go by fast with the great music and the trainer coaching me on. If you are looking for motivation to get moving on your machine or even outside, get this app!

Shockingly an app worth the money

I never buy anything much less commit to a service with a monthly charge...but!! If you enjoy pushing yourself and are the type to use music playlists to help motivate yourself then this is freaking great. It really is like being in a class!! I love multiple trainers on here and their various music selections. These people make hard work enjoyable. Endorphins released!!! If you struggle to do cardio or hate it or cant find a gym with classes that fit your schedule this is actually worth trying. Give the free week a try. Thanks, Skyfit. This have-no-time-at-all Mom is making it to the gym almost everyday.


Love this app! I just downloaded it and think its awesome you can try it out for a week first before you decide to buy. Ill def be purchasing it after my week is up.


Obsessed with this app! It will be a staple in my fitness routine from now on and at $2.50/week you cant go wrong!

Great app

The fact that I can workout anytime anywhere with certified personal trainers for only $10 a month baffles my mind!!!! I used to pay $30 for one training session with a personal trainer at my old gym. Now I have unlimited access to tons of workouts. Skyfit has changed my outlook on my fitness and health regime. I now have no excuse to not get a workout in when I am away for business or on vacation!!


A while back I stopped my gym membership because I was trying to save on some money, and my apartment has a gym so I figured I could make it work. 6 months later I was getting a little bit stale doing the same stuff over and over again, but this app and the workouts has reignited my passion for exercise! I love having the trainer in my ear to push me and keep it fresh. I live in a hot climate but Im a runner and the treadmill was getting so boring, but now I cant wait to progress through all the workouts on here.

Love love love

Great app, great support team, great community to be a part of.

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